Checklist for buying a house

  • Let De Hypotheker go over your personal mortgage options.
  • Start looking for a house/flat or look over one you are already interested in.
  • Take an option on the purchase of the home which meets your requirements.

  • Have the home valued in consultation with De Hypotheker: then base your bid on the valuation value. When making your bid, bear this in mind:

    When financing without a National Mortgage Guarantee, some mortgage institutions demand a report of a valuer appointed by them. Timely consultation with De Hypotheker regarding the value transfer is certainly recommended: If the valuer desired by the mortgage institution has been involved, you canalso use the valuation report for the bid to arrange the financing.

  • When buying an older property, instruct a structural survey to be carried out. De Hypotheker can take care of this for you. When buying a new home ask the relevant municipal institution whether a soil pollution examination has been carried out and what the results of the examination are.

  • Take note of the model used for the purchase contract. With a purchase contract with a construction agreement for a new build house, it is important that provisions regarding a quality and completion guarantee are included. Obtaining the advice of De Hypotheker in due time can prevent ambiguities.

  • Try to include a provision that you need not pay a deposit of 10% or a bank guarantee,certainly if you have little or no cash of your own. Your signature will bind you to the purchase contract. If this is not successful, have a dissolving condition included for the event that you cannot obtain a bank guarantee or you do not have sufficient cash available.

  • Then take the purchase contract which you and the seller(s) have signed to De Hypotheker to apply for the mortgage and if necessary to apply for the National Mortgage Guarantee.
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