Are you an expat?

Are you still employed in the Netherlands or are you going to work here and do you consider buying a house in the Netherlands? Below you can find information about the difference between renting and buying, the advantages and the disadvantages, and how much you can borrow according to your financial means.

Rent or buy?

First advice: make a list of your living wishes, living expenses and finances. Naturally your living wishes are very personal. With regard to the living expenses, you are already aware of what you are paying now. Can you afford more in the new situation? If so, how much? Below you will find a summary with the living costs of your own home and a rented home compared. Often these are reoccurring costs: per month, per quarter or per year.

Nevertheless, your considerations should not only include financial matters. For example, are you required to relocate regularly for your work? Are you expecting a promotion soon? Are you and your partner planning to continue working full time? Do you have the option of utilising your pension earlier? These are all factors which play a part in your considerations to buy or rent a house.

Based on the information you provide, your De Hypotheker advisor will give you independent advice on renting or buying. He will also show you the difference between the costs of a rental home and an owned home. All advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying will also be dealt with.

Rental advantages


Owner-occupied advantages


More information?

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