Employer statement guidelines

A completed employer statement must meet these guidelines.


  • The declaration must be completed by one person. This is also the person who signs the form.
  • Please sign the declaration with the same blue pen. A colour other than blue, or two different colours of blue, will not be accepted in all cases.
  • Corrections, such as erasures and tipp-ex, are not allowed. Therefore, if you have made a mistake when filling in the form, unfortunately there is no option but to fill in a new form.
  • All questions must be completed/ticked.

Employer details

  • Under employer's name, enter the full name of the organisation with which the employee has the employment contract, not the trade name (if any).
  • Under address employer, you may enter both the business address and any PO Box number.
  • The postcode must belong to the address. We regularly see that the business address is entered with the postal code of the PO Box.
  • The telephone number must be a landline number.

Employee details

  • Under name employee, also enter the maiden name if there is one.
  • The commencement date must correspond to the date stated in the employment contract and on the payslip.
  • The position must correspond exactly to the position on the salary slip. So it is not enough that it is clear to everyone that the same thing is meant, such as "logistics employee" and "warehouse employee", or that positions are in the same salary scale.

Nature of employment

  • In the case of a fixed-term or temporary employment contract, it is important that the stated start and end dates match the dates in the employment contract.
  • All questions must be completed/ticked. This also applies to the Director/Shareholder field. For many employees it is obvious that they are not a director or shareholder, but we still request that you really tick this field.

Declaration of continued employment
You must complete this section in the case of a fixed-term or temporary employment contract.

  • The section must be completed in full;
  • the section must be signed separately by the same person who also signs the employer's declaration.


  • The Gross Annual Salary must be equal to 12 times the salary mentioned on the submitted salary slip, or 13 times if there is a four-weekly salary.
  • A common situation is that the employer's statement has already taken into account a future salary increase. If this is the case, please state on company letterhead as of when the increase will take effect and that the increase is irrevocable.
  • Another point to note is that the actual salary must be filled in, so in the case of part-timers, not the salary based on full time.
  • The holiday allowance is calculated as stated in the employment contract, so for example as 8% of the
  • Gross Annual Salary. For holiday vouchers, the total value of the vouchers must be entered over the past 12 months.
  • If there is structural irregularity allowance, commission and/or overtime, fill in the total payment for the past 12 months.
  • There are banks that allow a larger number of months to be counted. Your employee or the mortgage adviser will then have to indicate this to you.
  • "Structural", by the way, means that it is common knowledge that irregularity, commission or overtime is part of the job.
  • A fixed benefit, such as a 13th month or year-end bonus, is fixed if it is agreed unconditionally in the employment contract.
  • If item 8. is entered, 4) should also be mentioned after the description (see footnote 4).

Loans/wage attachment

A private loan or wage attachment will usually not be involved. Nevertheless, please complete this section in full as well.