Employer statement 2024

An employer's statement is an important document when applying for a mortgage. With it, you show the mortgage lender that you have enough income to pay the monthly mortgage payments.


What is an employer statement?

An employer statement is a document issued by your employer. In it, your employer explains, among other things, your annual income, your employment (permanent or temporary) and whether your employer has provided you with a loan, for example.

Download employer declaration as a PDF document

Never seen or held an employer statement before? Then it can be quite difficult to prepare such a document yourself. Hence, we have put together an employer statement sample here for you. You can easily download it so that you can make your mortgage application with the right employer statement. You will also find below an online 2024 employer statement that is easy to fill in.


Download employer statement


What does an employer statement contain?

An employer statement contains all kinds of questions about your work and income. Your employer fills these in piece by piece. They include:

  • The employer details
  • The employee's details
  • The nature of the employment (permanent, temporary, flexible, probationary period if applicable)
  • A declaration of continued employment (if applicable)
  • Income (broken down into gross annual salary, holiday allowance, 13th month, year-end bonus, irregularity allowance, overtime, commission and any other components)
  • Presence of loans or wage attachments
  • Signature

How long is an employer statement valid?

Three months: this is generally the validity of an employer statement. So make sure the validity does not expire and that you request a new statement in time if needed.

Here is how to make sure you have a valid employer statement

Banks are strict about checking the employer statement and require a new one if something is not filled in properly or completely. To avoid that extra work, it is important that your employer statement is filled out according to the guidelines.

So make sure your employer statement is filled out properly. You will then prevent the whole process of applying for the mortgage from taking longer than necessary. In brief, we list the main points below:

  1. Your employer completes the employer statement.
  2. Everything filled in? Then the employer puts his signature on the document. This may be electronic and a company stamp is not necessary.
  3. Your advisor uses the signed employer declaration when applying for a mortgage.

Difference between letter of intent and employer statement

If you want to take out a mortgage without a permanent contract, you can ask your employer for a letter of intent. A letter of intent is part of the employer declaration of intent. With it, your employer declares its intention to convert your temporary contract into a permanent one when it expires. 

NHG employer statement

The employer statement as you can download it here and fill it in online, is based on the NHG model. When applying for a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee, you will therefore need it anyway. This standard employer statement can also be used for all other mortgage applications (without NHG).

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