Buying a house in the Netherlands with De Hypotheker

Are you currently (or planning to be) employed in the Netherlands and do you considerbuying a house in the Netherlands? De Hypotheker can inform you about the possibilities and guide you through the process of getting a mortgage. Read more about it below. 

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Buying a house in the Netherlands as an expat involves quite some rules and regulations. Depending on your country of origin, you are eligible to buy a house in the following situations:
  • You have a permanent residence permit.
  • You are from a European country, have lived in the Netherlands for over six months and have a permanent employment contract or letter of intent from your employer.
  • You are from a non-European country, but are recognized as a highly skilled migrant by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. As a highly skilled migrant, the same regulations as a European expat apply to you.

Useful information

If you are looking to buy a house, it is important to gather some information first:

  • What are the current mortgage rates? We have created a list with the current rates from all the mortgage suppliers in the Netherlands. The rates are updated each day.
  • Before you start your search, it is important to know what you can afford. You can use our handy tool for that. Fill in your income data and we will do the math. 
  • If the time has come to find a propertie, you can visit the Funda website, which lists about 80%-90% of the properties that are for sale in the Netherlands.

About De Hypotheker

The advice provided by De Hypotheker is completely independent because De Hypotheker compares all mortgage suppliers in the Netherlands. This means De Hypotheker also puts your own bank in comparison. Remember, your bank will not do this and only offer the banks' deals. We believe that quality, reliability and service are essential. We are happy to advise and guide our clients through the tricky array of options available to them.

Over the last 30 years, De Hypotheker has grown to become the biggest independent mortgage consultancy service in the Netherlands. Since 1985 we have been able to help more than one million clients to find a suitable mortgages. With around 170 locations, there is always a De Hypotheker office in your area.

Our prices

If you visit De Hypotheker, your first appointment is always free of charge. During this intake conversation we find out everything about your situation and advise you about the different steps necessary to realize your plans. If you decide to continue with our services, the advisor will inform you about the costs that come with it. You can expect the costs to be between € 2.500 and € 3.500, depending on your situation.


High customer satisfaction.  De Hypotheker rates a strong 8,9/10 based on over over 2.300 Klantenvertellen reviews.